Cycling in Gothenburg often goes faster than both cars and public transport. There are more than 600 kilometers of cycling in the municipality, which allows you to quickly get on the bike without queues.

In order for you to quickly navigate your bike, here are some collective links and our bicycle maps that we use when cycling.

Bicycle Planner

For those who like to the archipelago, the Liseberg amusement park or other cycling destinations, there is cykelplaneraren. There are also maps in PDF to download on this page. There is also an option to order printed bicycle maps on this page.

Mobile app

There is also an app to simplify the cyclist’s everyday life. In the app you will find service stations included in the Traffic Office’s Bike Network, Control & Positioning, pumping stations and bicycle parking.
You can also report damage, obstacles or other defects that you discovered on the cycle track, as well as suggestions for improvements. (App store / Google play)

Hisingens Cykelklubb Cycling Maps

CykelkartorIf you want to get out of the city center and ride a little longer trips then we have our collection of maps and rounds on our forum. Each round has a map in PDF, a track profile, the distance, and the ability to download the round to the GPS device.

More bicycle maps

The blog cykelpendlare have collected a lot routes for cycling around Gothenburg. There is also a list of places for charging energy during the cycle ride.

Please tell us

Do you have routes on GPSies or similar services? Do you want to share your rounds? Contact us so we can share your favorite rounds.