Clubhouse Hisingen

About half of our rounds including introduction rides north. Then we start from our club building on Arvid Lindmansgatan 25 at Hisingen.

Södra Porten parking Mölndal

Tours starting from Södra Porten in Lackarebäck (Flöjelbergsgatan) are cycled southwards. Valid parking Lackarebäck, Parking is closest to the P house below when the gravel parking is blocked with stone blocks.

Kvibergs kasern

From Kviberg bike a few rounds that go more inland in the country.


Hill training is cycled on Ramberget from the club building and from Töpelsgatan to Brudaremossen. Located at the tennis club near Skatås. (where Aktivitus was before)


New starting point for which there is only one round on. But there may be more …

Other starting points

If we were to start from a location other than the Club Block or the Södra Gate, this will be clearly informed on the intended thread / website. See also our maps and rounds on our forum. There you can also print the map and / or download it to your GPS device. You also have the opportunity to see the track profile for each round.