Our training policy for indoor cycling
inomhusIn winter, we ride indoors on spinning bikes equipped with gauges for Watt, Cadence and Pulse.
In previous years we have also been housed in Friidrottens Hus, which we would like to resume. Nice and dosed running tracks. Here is the opportunity to work out on a roll, but also a great opportunity to practice interval training with distance raises.
In principle, the same training policy applies indoors as well as outdoors, with some small adjustments.

Always wear a helmet (does not apply for spinning 🙂 )

Helmet is mandatory for all cycling with the club. Always. Without exceptions.

Follow the training instructions

Every club has at least one training responsible. Always follow the instructions and instructions from them when attending club training.

Choose your group

For safety reasons we do not run in larger groups than we are 6-7 cyclists in the group. Two groups can drive simultaneously on the track. Other cyclists are waiting next to the track.

Lead by example

We are guests in the gym and are therefore expected to take care of us!


Drinking during the cycling is not allowed. Run off the track and stop if you want to drink.

Be predictable

Whatever you intend to do – make sure everyone finds out on time. Do not do any sudden movements laterally, but slide smoothly aside, preferably after you first mark with a small handwriting or the like.

Avoid the brakes

When it comes to brakes, you should preferably not use them at all when driving in a group. Possibly you should adjust the speed when it is really needed. If you need to brake a bit, go out slightly in the slope of the curve instead, then slide back into the roller again.


In the case of indoor cycling, we always drive on a joint. No pair pairing in other words. There is really no reason to drive in pairs since the only wind we need to fight is the own speed.


The courses in the indoor hall are not wide, but fully adequate if everyone follows these simple rules.
Overtaking may only happen in lane 2. Driving if someone is driving is not allowed.
Make sure that those you are about to drive are aware that you are coming. A clear “pass by” or the like usually suffices.

Dry tires and clean bike

Because the tracks we drive on are usually used for running training, it is assumed that the bikes we use are clean and the tires are dry. Wet decks also present a risk of cord in the curves.

Right speed in the right track
Since the sideways side is limited in the indoor cycling, it is important to drive in the right direction. The following rules apply:
inomhusbanaLane 2: Crossing
Make the overtaking as safe as possible.
Always look back at the beginning and the end before starting a run-over and go from track 2 to 3.
Be clear before leaving on track 3, at least 1 meter is available.
Show with your hand. Talk to each other how to do.

Lane 3: Cycle path pace

Here is a real pace. The distance must be kept. 1 meter from rear wheel to front wheel. At eventual exit. Show with your hand.
Look forward, backwards that everything is ready.
It’s ok to drive around those on track 4 but make sure they in track 4 are aware that the overtaking takes place.

Track 4: Cycle track slow paced

Rest, slow down, keep lower speed.
Always keep a good watch.
Make sure it is free back before returning to track 3.


Lane 4 is:

On and off track
See you backwards and forwards before leaving and on the road.
Show your hand clearly when you go on and on.