fartgrupperBecause we have all kinds of cyclists in the club and yet the ambition is that everyone will be able to keep track of our rounds, so we usually cycle in different speed groups. We’ll keep the group together and never leave a bicycle mate.

Speed ranges

The quiet group is for those who want to take a bit more quiet and quiet or not cycled in a group earlier (about 20-25 km / h). We aim more for us to have fun on the round, but at the same time get a good workout. It happens that we run a little shorter than other groups.

The leader of the calm group ensures that no one gets lost.


Here we usually keep an average speed of around 25-28 km / h. Ambitionally, we follow the guidelines for the round.


In the 29 group, our habits are cyclists who like to cycle faster. The speed of the rounds usually cycles at about 29 km / h and the participants are used to cycling in the cliff.

Which speed bands on each round are determined by the nature of the round and on which cyclists are included. However, there is always a quiet group.

Which group do I fit in?

If you usually ride a bike alone and think that the cut speeds are unrealistically high, keep in mind that cycling is much easier than cycling alone. When cycling in a group, you save up to 60% of the energy compared to cycling yourself.

If you are a beginner, it’s the quiet group that you will keep in the first rounds. If you feel you want to drive faster then just hang out in one of the other groups. You are of course also welcome to join any of our introductory rounds during the year.