race tempo

HCK race – our competition section

As a complement to our major exercise and randonnée activities, we have hck race – our competition part.
The activities of the HK race are based on exactly the same basic view as the rest of the club, ie we will have fun on the bike together. If any of our good girls win or boys competitions on the coup it is of course even more fun!

Competition-oriented training

Unlike the club’s other training focused on exercise and low-speed cycling, we also have more competitive training for those who compete in the competition. This training is primarily for HCK cyclists holding a competition license. If you want to try to participate in such training, please contact our management before, so we can inform you of what is applicable at the time of training. ”

Compete with us

Of course we participate in all series competitions in the country road that are part of the Gothenburg series. But our members also participate in other competitions around the country.

Are you interested in riding with us? Contact our race section, all that is required is interest and license.